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Free Comic Books

Free comics that they find on internet.
Jul 4, 2007 Free Comics Clicks: 7098 Pagerank: 3

100 Funniest

The 100 funniest jokes of all time. Uhmmmm.
Apr 13, 2007 Humor Clicks: 6915 Pagerank: 3

Super Mario Online

Are you a 80's or 90's kid? If you are, then you KNOW that Mario games were the best. Simple concept, somewhat hard, and addicting! Well you can now play Super Mario online.
Sep 25, 2008 Thematic Games Clicks: 6897 Pagerank: 3

Breizh Partitions

Free Celtic music scores and free mp3 of Breton, Scottish and Irish music for flute, violon, bombarde, Scottish bagpipes, fiddle, guitar, piano and other Celtic instruments, to download for free.
Dec 16, 2007 Scores Clicks: 6869 Pagerank: 3

William Carlos Williams Poem Generator

Write an Instant William Carlos Williams Poem
Apr 28, 2007 Online_Generators Clicks: 6836 Pagerank: 3

Tarot Spread

Don't spend your money. You have a choice of three different readings using the popular Rider-Waite deck: 3 card spread, 5 card spread & Celtic Cross.
Apr 12, 2007 Online_Generators Clicks: 6802 Pagerank: 3


These application allows you to create presentations / slide shows / drawings with easy to use web delivered software.
Feb 27, 2008 Presentations Clicks: 6799 Pagerank: 3


This site explains different ways to pray and provides catholic prayers and devotions for many needs.
Jul 10, 2008 Christianity Clicks: 6798 Pagerank: 3

Name Pistol

Band name generator. Great band names for rock, emo, punk, metal, indie and pop.
Jan 8, 2008 Names Clicks: 6792 Pagerank: 3

Free TXT

Send Free Text Messages! Works with all canadian cell phone providers.
Apr 11, 2007 SMS Clicks: 6790 Pagerank: 3

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