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Rare new species of plant: Stachys caroliniana
(University of South Carolina) University of South Carolina professor John Nelson knows you don't have to travel to a remote Amazon rainforest to discover a new species of plant. He and alumnus Douglas Rayner uncovered a rare hedge-nettle just 50 miles from Charleston, and they named it Stachys caroliniana, after the only state where it has been found.

Next-door leopards: First GPS-collar study reveals how leopards live with people
(Wildlife Conservation Society) In the first-ever GPS-based study of leopards in India, led by WCS and partners has delved into the secret lives of these big cats, and recorded their strategies to thrive in human-dominated areas.

Researchers discover natural resistance gene against spruce budworm
(Université Laval) Scientists from Université Laval, the University of British Columbia and the University of Oxford have discovered a natural resistance gene against spruce budworm in the white spruce. The breakthrough, reported in The Plant Journal, paves the way to identifying and selecting naturally resistant trees to replant forests devastated by the destructive pest.

Polyethylene mulch, glazing create optimal conditions for soil solarization
(American Society for Horticultural Science) Researchers raised soil temperatures in high tunnels in southern Arizona to determine the efficacy of soil solarization using clear mulch on the soil surface and with tunnel glazing or with no glazing. Outcomes showed that producers using high tunnels in the region can complete solarization in less than a week during summer when the soil is fallow using glazing on the high tunnel and polyethylene mulch on the soil surface.

Vermicompost leachate improves tomato seedling growth
(American Society for Horticultural Science) A study assessed growth performance of tomato seedlings treated with vermicompost-leachate (VCL), an organic liquid produced from earthworm-digested material. Seedlings were subjected to various temperature and watering regimes. Results showed that VCL can be a suitable soil amendment product to improve overall soil fertility and growth of tomato plants, even under temperature and water stress conditions.

New study: Aggressive conifer removal benefits Sierra aspen
(Point Blue Conservation Science) Most of the aspen stands that dotted the Sierra Nevada less than a century ago are gone or are in poor health. A study just published by Point Blue Conservation Science shows the benefits of using aggressive mechanical treatment to restore Sierra aspen.

Intrepid scientific explorer recounts lifetime of work and adventure in Amazon
(The New York Botanical Garden) In 'That Glorious Forest: Exploring the Plants and Their Indigenous Uses in Amazonia,' Sir Ghillean Prance chronicles nearly five decades of experience as one of the seminal explorers of the Amazon rain forest in modern times. Sir Ghillean is the former head of scientific research at the New York Botanical Garden and former director of the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.

From cognition to control: Fundamental research continues to advance cooperative robots
(National Science Foundation) From disaster recovery to caring for the elderly in the home, scientists and engineers are developing robots that can handle critical tasks in close proximity to humans, safely and with greater resilience than previous generations of intelligent machines.

Bacterial slime: It's what's for dinner
(Michigan Technological University) It a natural or manmade disaster caused global crop failure, we wouldn't starve, says Joshua Pearce, author of a new book called 'Feeding Everyone No Matter What.' We'd just eat bugs and bacterial slime.

China's new 'Great Wall' not so great
(Michigan State University) China's second great wall, a vast seawall covering more than half of the country's mainland coastline, is a foundation for financial gain -- and also a dyke holding a swelling rush of ecological woes.

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