How many GZZTs
can your brain resists?

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Remailer Reliability Stats

Last update: Wed 22 Oct 2014 22:10:01 GMT
remailer  email address                        history  latency  uptime
dizum               ************    20:00 100.00%
redjohn             ************     9:59 100.00%
kroken        *++++++**+**    56:30  99.52%
senshi            ++++++++++++  3:01:00  99.49%
3nails       **.-+ **+*+-  1:03:59  31.60%


History: The result of test messages sent in the last 12 days.

?No test message sent
(space)Response not received
#Response in less than 5 minutes
*Response in less than 1 hour
+Response in less than 4 hours
-Response in less than 24 hours
.Response in less than 2 days
_Response in more than 2 days

Latency: The average response time of the remailer.

Uptime: The fraction of responses received from tests sent in the last 12 days.

Anonymous Remailers

How to Send an Anonymous Email

Choose an anonymous remailer from the above list. Compose a message with ur favourite email client like this (change only red text):


Anon-To: (recipient''s name)
Subject: Hi! This is an anonymous email! Coo-Coo! I Love U So Much but I am very timid.


Send it to the remailer address!


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