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[Weekender] Islam in Korea, past and present

Korea and the Middle East may look like they have nothing in common. On the surface, the two regions do not seem to have crossed paths as they have totally different economies, cultures and ideals.

Folk singer visits Tallman Hotel Saturday

Upper Lake >> Davis-based folk-country singer Rita Hosking, who performs at the Tallman Hotel Saturday, never majored in music. But that doesn't mean her degrees in Religious Studies and Cultural Anthropology didn't serve her music career.

Modern 'Monuments Men' Seek to Save Christian History from ISIS

ISIS has become one of the world's best-funded terrorist groups, earning most of its profits by selling seized oil. But details keep emerging of the estimated No.

Opening up an archive of images to the world

Slide show: Examining spy photos from 1905 are Dr Janice Kinory, left, and Dr Sally Crawford, who have been working on the Historic Environment Image Rescource project Oxford University researchers are launching a new app that asks people to help identify old pictures ranging from flooded city streets to pre-First World War spy photos. The Historic Environment Image Resource is an archive of 38,000 digitised slides which until now has remained uncatalogued.

Sifting through religious debris in 'Dig,' what's fact and what's fiction?

Trapdoors, secret chambers and mysterious torch-lit beach rituals. The eighth episode of "Dig," the Holy Land conspiracy thriller that aired Thursday on the USA Network, serves up all these classic elements of suspense.

Murder mystery evening planned at Fishbourne Roman Palace

Congratulations, you're now registered! Let us know what news and updates you want to hear about and we'll send them straight to your inbox. Participants in the event on Thursday May 14 will be asked to solve a mystery set in 1968, when a body is discovered amongst the newly-excavated remains.

The Meaning of Sex

Attraction. Pleasure. Attachment. Reproduction. Fulfillment. What is the meaning of sex? The answer lies somewhere in the way we integrate the biological imperatives with the emotional and experiential realities.

Compared with the French, our picky eating is distasteful

My father-in-law, an anthropologist, likes to talk about the time he ate dog penis. He was visiting a remote town in South Korea, and the mayor invited him to lunch.

When menopause happens to modern couples

Katherine Feeney is a journalist, professional people watcher and pop culture critic. She is formalising her interest in human relationships through an anthropology degree.

Research and Scholarship Day at Husson University

April 22, 2014 - Husson University announced today that it will celebrate the scholarly achievements of students and faculty during its Sixth Annual Research and Scholarship Day on April 23, 2015 from 8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. in the Gracie Theatre and the adjacent Darling Atrium on the educational institution's Bangor, Maine campus. During the event, undergraduates, graduate students and faculty members from all of the university's colleges and schools will share the results of their many capstone research projects, graduate theses and other activities devoted to the advancement of knowledge.

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