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Latest and Breaking Anthropology News

Latest and Breaking Social Anthropology News
Desert Foothills Chapter AAS presents Evelyn Billo and Robert Mark on Oct. 8

The Sears Point Archaeological District is an extensive complex site across terraces south of the Gila River and west of present day Gila Bend with over 2,000 panels of petroglyphs.

The first South Americans: Extreme living

From the mouth of a cave high in the Andes, Kurt Rademaker surveys the plateau below. At an altitude of 4,500 metres, there are no trees in sight, just beige soil dotted with tufts of dry grass, green cushion plants and a few clusters of vicuA as and other camel relatives grazing near a stream.

Egypt says restoration of oldest pyramid on track

Egypt's antiquities minister took journalists inside a 4,600-year-old pyramid on Tuesday to reject recent accusations of mismanagement at the site as false and "without evidence." At a press conference at the Saqqara pyramid complex, some 30 kilometers south of Cairo, Minister of Antiquities Mamdouh el-Damaty decried recent media reports alleging that the Djoser pyramid might collapse.

No One Is Home

COURTESY PHOTO Arkansas Archeological Society volunteer Jim Cherry works in 2011 to excavate the site of the William Rogers house at Prairie Grove Battlefield State Park. Jared Pebworth and Aden Jenkins, background, uncover foundation stones of the southwest corner of the house.

British Man Made an Ancient Discovery That Had Him Sleeping in His Car for Three Days to Guard It

A British man began his hobby of scanning the ground with a metal detector seven years ago, but it was only recently that he found something so valuable it had him sleeping in his car to guard it. Laurence Egerton found thousands of Roman coins in East Devon, England, last year.

Clarkson University appoints assistant professor of anthropology

He received his bachelor of arts, master of arts, graduate certificate in college teaching, graduate certificate in development studies, and his Ph.D. from the University of Colorado at Boulder. His teaching experience includes a faculty position on the Semester at Sea summer 2014 Voyage, during which he taught the anthropology of food and introduction to cultural anthropology.

Skeletons Shed Light on Ancient Earthquake in Israel

The city of Hippos, as viewed from the Sussita mountain saddle ridge with its necropolis and the Sea of Galilee in the background. This is where a severe earthquake that rumbled more than 1,700 years ago.

Artist follows unusual path to creative career

Jim Miller, 71, of Hempfield has been a monk, an author and an archaeologist, and a photographer, printmaker, painter and metaphysician. He converted the former Westmoreland Glass Co.

The anthropology of self-tracking devices

Cultural anthropologist Natasha SchA1 4ll bridged the gap between human interaction and machine workings in her research on gambling.

Uncovering the secrets of NZ's discovery

Two scientific papers have shed new light on how Polynesian explorers may have arrived in New Zealand, but the authors have cautioned key questions in the age-old mystery remain unanswered. One of the contested areas is just how the Polynesians managed to traverse such vast stretches of open water -- especially by paddling canoes into prevailing easterly Pacific Ocean winds.

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