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Latest and Breaking Atmospheric Science News

Citizen scientists map global forests
(International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis) New global forest maps combine citizen science with multiple data sources, for an unprecedented level of accuracy about the location and extent of forestland worldwide.

Exercise can outweigh harmful effects of air pollution
(University of Copenhagen - The Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences) New research from the University of Copenhagen has found that the beneficial effects of exercise are more important for our health than the negative effects of air pollution, in relation to the risk of premature mortality. In other words, benefits of exercise outweigh the harmful effects of air pollution.

Do biofuel policies seek to cut emissions by cutting food?
(Princeton University) A study published in the journal Science found that government biofuel policies rely on reductions in food consumption to generate greenhouse gas savings.

Climate change does not cause extreme winters
(ETH Zurich) Cold snaps like the ones that hit the eastern United States in the past winters are not a consequence of climate change. Scientists at ETH Zurich and the California Institute of Technology have shown that global warming actually tends to reduce temperature variability.

More evidence for groundwater on Mars
(Geological Society of America) Monica Pondrelli and colleagues investigated the Equatorial Layered Deposits (ELDs) of Arabia Terra in Firsoff crater area, Mars, to understand their formation and potential habitability. On the plateau, ELDs consist of rare mounds, flat-lying deposits, and cross-bedded dune fields. Pondrelli and colleagues interpret the mounds as smaller spring deposits, the flat-lying deposits as playa, and the cross-bedded dune fields as aeolian. They write that groundwater fluctuations appear to be the major factor controlling ELD deposition.

Greener industry if environmental authorities change strategy
(University of Gothenburg) Fewer industrial firms would violate environmental legislation and a higher number would adopt cleaner technologies if environmental authorities would focus their monitoring efforts on companies with the most environmentally damaging technology. At a societal level, such a strategy would mean less pollution at the same or a lower cost of monitoring, according to a new doctoral thesis from the University of Gothenburg.

Safeguarding the UK's water, energy and food resources
(Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council) The Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council is investing 4.5 million to safeguard the UK's water, energy and food security. With the world's population due to grow to eight billion by 2030, humanity is facing a crisis with predictions of increasing demand and shortages of water, energy and food. Water and energy are needed to produce food; water is required to produce energy and with the advent of biofuels, energy and food are increasingly competing for land.

Study takes aim at mitigating the human impact on the Central Valley
(Arizona State University) Study of California's Central Valley shows that as temperature-mitigating technologies are deployed, other environmental factors like pollution become a concern.

2015 Joint Assembly: News media registration open; reserve hotel room now
(American Geophysical Union) More than 2,000 researchers are expected to present their latest research findings in the Earth and space sciences at the 2015 Joint Assembly being held May 3-7 in Montreal. The meeting will bring together researchers from the American Geophysical Union, Canadian Geophysical Union, Geological Association of Canada, and Mineral Association of Canada.

Deadly Japan quake and tsunami spurred global warming, ozone loss
(American Geophysical Union) Buildings destroyed by the 2011 Tohoku earthquake released thousands of tons of climate-warming and ozone-depleting chemicals into the atmosphere, according to a new study.

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