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Ainissa Ramirez wins 2015 Gemant Award from AIP
(American Institute of Physics) Ainissa Ramirez, a self-described 'science evangelist,' is the winner of the 2015 Andrew Gemant Award, an annual prize recognizing significant contributions to the cultural, artistic or humanistic dimension of physics, the American Institute of Physics announced today.

Customer commitment has many faces, differs globally
(Rice University) Companies that want to increase customers' loyalty and get their repeat business would do well to understand the nuanced ways in which and reasons why a customer is committed to that company, according to a recent study by marketing experts at Rice University and Fordham University. The research provides a strategic blueprint for developing customer commitment.

This town has been on fire for 50 years (video)
(American Chemical Society) In 1962, a fire started in the coal-mining town of Centralia, Pa. Fifty-three years later, the town still burns. In this week's episode of Reactions, we explain the history and science behind the Centralia coal mine fire. Does anyone still live there? How could the fire keep burning for so long, and why hasn't it been extinguished? From a chemical standpoint, what is fire, anyway? It's all answered in our latest video:

Predicting happiness of couples raising children with autism
(University of Miami) To understand what helps moms and dads of children with autism spectrum disorder strengthen their bond, researchers at the University of Miami are examining the individual factors that predict relationship satisfaction for these couples. The researchers analyzed the impact that individual traits, such as optimism, social and spouse support, benefit finding and coping styles, have on the relationship satisfaction of parents who have children with ASD.

Memory and thinking ability keep getting worse for years after a stroke, new study finds
(University of Michigan Health System) A stroke happens in an instant. And many who survive one report that their brain never works like it once did. But new research shows that these problems with memory and thinking ability keep getting worse for years afterward -- and happen faster than normal brain aging.

Omnidirectional free space wireless charging developed
(The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST)) The research team led by Professor Chun T. Rim of the Nuclear and Quantum Engineering Department at KAIST has made great strides in WPT development. Their WPT system is capable of charging multiple mobile devices concurrently and with unprecedented freedom in any direction, even while holding the devices in midair or a half meter away from the power source, which is a transmitter.

Smartphones may be detrimental to learning process
(Rice University) A yearlong study of first-time smartphone users by researchers at Rice University and the US Air Force found that users felt smartphones were actually detrimental to their ability to learn.

Singapore and Europe forge deeper ties in the life sciences
(EMBO) The Government of Singapore, the European Molecular Biology Organization and its intergovernmental funding body, the European Molecular Biology Conference, have signed a cooperation agreement to strengthen scientific interaction and collaborative research between Singapore and Europe. This milestone agreement marks the first time a non-European nation has become an EMBC Associate Member State.

$2.2M to Rice from Houston Endowment and Arnold Foundation will support HISD research
(Rice University) With grants totaling $2.2 million from Houston Endowment and the Laura and John Arnold Foundation, Rice University's Houston Education Research Consortium plans to explore new areas of education research in the Houston Independent School District.

EARTH: Dinologue -- a dino blog
(American Geosciences Institute) brings the Mesozoic to life, and EARTH Magazine reviews it in the July 2015 issue.

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