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Why Europe will soon be cold?
(Lomonosov Moscow State University) While the politicians are taking part in global climate talks in Paris, a group of scientists with contributions from Elena Popova from Lomonosov Moscow State University regained solar activity over the past thousand years and made the forecast to the year 3200.

EPJ ST highlight laser-based accelerators: Yes, we can!
(Springer) Few technologies have the power that particle accelerator technology has to touch upon such a broad range of applications at the many frontiers of modern science. Today, thanks to improvements in laser technology, a new generation of accelerators could soon emerge to replace accelerators relying on radio frequencies. They are presented in this special issue.

Engineering academic elected a Fellow of the IEEE
(University of Bristol) A University of Bristol academic has been elected a Fellow of the world's largest and most prestigious professional association for the advancement of technology.

State-of-the-art science reveals secrets of 19th century fashion industry
(Elsevier) The dye industry of the 19th century was fast-moving and international, according to a state-of-the-art analysis of four purple dresses. The study, published in Spectrochimica Acta, Part A: Molecular and Biomolecular Spectroscopy, reveals that a brand new purple dye went from first synthesis to commercial use in just a few years.

Magnesium ions show promise in slowing progression of Alzheimer's disease in mice
(Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology) New research published in the Dec. 2015 issue of The FASEB Journal, shows that in mouse models of the disease oral administration of magnesium-L-threonate (MgT) alleviated cognitive decline by suppressing the Aβ deposition in amyloid plaques in an APH-1α/1β-dependent manner.

Celleron Therapeutics announces encouraging clinical results with new cancer drug CXD101
(University of Oxford) Early trial results show significant clinical activity observed in the first human trial of pioneering personalized cancer treatment CXD101 in patients at Oxford's Churchill Hospital with advanced treatment-resistant aggressive disease. The results also indicate that CXD101 has favorable safety and tolerability.

Biophysicists develop a model for arterial thrombus formation
(Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology) A group of biophysicists, including representatives from MIPT, have developed a mathematical model of arterial thrombus formation, which is the main cause of heart attacks and strokes. The scientists described the process of platelet aggregation as being similar to the popular video game Tetris and derived equations that allowed them to reproduce the wave process of platelet aggregate formation in a blood vessel.

Non-destructive sensing of fish freshness
(Toyohashi University of Technology) Toyohashi University of technology researchers in cooperation with Tokyo University of Marine Science and Technology and National Food Research Institute reported that the autofluorescence spectroscopy associated with statistical multivariate modeling has a high potential in non-invasive sensing of fish freshness in the frozen state. This work is the first in a series of research endeavours to establish an intelligent system for objective estimation of various properties of frozen food.

New technology selects high-affinity proteins
(Kobe University) A Japanese research team has developed a technology enabling the selection of proteins with a high affinity for drug target molecules (also proteins) on cell membranes. This discovery will advance research targeting membrane proteins linked to diseases such as cancer, and therefore has potential applications in the development of new biopharmaceuticals.

Stopping ovarian cancer in its tracks: An antibody may help patients heal themselves
(Kyoto University) In a first, Kyoto University shows the potential a PD-1 antibody, nivolumab, has in fighting the disease.

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