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High socioeconomic status increases discrimination, depression risk in black young adults
(Massachusetts General Hospital) An investigation into factors related to disparities of depression in young adults has found that higher parental education -- which has a protective effect for white youth -- can also increase the risk of depression for black youth by increasing the discrimination they experience.

UTSA and UTHSCSA researchers awarded $1.9M to discover novel breast cancer therapies
(University of Texas at San Antonio) Stanton McHardy, associate professor of chemistry and director of the Center for Innovative Drug Discovery in The University of Texas at San Antonio College of Sciences, is partnering on a $1.9 million award to develop next-generation breast cancer treatment drugs. McHardy will collaborate with Rong Li, professor of molecular medicine in the Cancer Treatment Research Center at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.

Five new Research Units, 4 new Humanities Centres for Advanced Studies
(Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft) The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft is establishing five new Research Units and four new Humanities Centres for Advanced Studies. This was decided by the DFG Senate in Bonn. The research collaborations will enable researchers to pursue current and pressing issues in their research areas and establish innovative work directions.

Science's top 10 breakthroughs of 2014
(American Association for the Advancement of Science) The Rosetta spacecraft caught up with the comet known as 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko beyond Mars this August, and its preliminary results--along with the studies it will allow in the near-future -- top this year's list of the most important scientific breakthroughs, according to the editors of Science. This annual list of groundbreaking scientific achievements, selected by Science and its international nonprofit publisher, AAAS, also includes groundbreaking advances in medicine, robotics, synthetic biology, and paleontology, to name a few.

Early caregiving experiences have long-term effects on social relationships, achievement
(Society for Research in Child Development) A new study has found that sensitive caregiving in the first three years of life predicts an individual's social competence and academic achievement, not only during childhood and adolescence, but into adulthood. The study used information from 243 individuals who were born into poverty, came from a range of racial/ethnic backgrounds, and had been followed from birth to age 32 as part of the Minnesota Longitudinal Study of Risk and Adaption

The quality of parent-infant relationships and early childhood shyness predict teen anxiety
(Society for Research in Child Development) Social anxiety is one of the most common psychiatric disorders among children and adolescents. A new study has found that together, the quality of parent-infant relationships and early childhood shyness predict the likelihood of social anxiety in adolescence. In this longitudinal study, researchers studied 165 European-American, middle- to upper-middle-class adolescents who were recruited as infants.

Subtle but important memory function affected by preterm birth
(Society for Research in Child Development) A study of children born prematurely has found differences in a subtle but important aspect of memory: the ability to form and retrieve memories about context. The study examined 33 German 8-to 10-year olds using magnetic resonance imaging to measure the volume of the hippocampi. The results suggest that the maturational state of the hippocampus at the time of birth influences the maturation of certain memory functions even at 8- to 10-years old.

How do teachers develop their knowledge? Research offers unexpected answers
(World Scientific) This book addresses a crucial issue about teacher learning and professional development by presenting two research studies, conducted in USA and Singapore respectively, to investigate how different sources contribute to the development of teachers' pedagogical knowledge. The first study, introduced into China, has had an important influence on China's national policy on school-based teacher professional development. The findings in this book have significant implications for teachers, teacher educators, education administrators, researchers, as well as policy-makers worldwide.

UT Arlington Public Works Institute to deliver traffic work zone safety classes
(University of Texas at Arlington) The University of Texas at Arlington's Public Works Institute in the Division of Enterprise Development received a $486,234 Texas Department of Transportation contract to train city and county work crews on working in traffic safety zones.

Improving science at universities in Muslim countries: Experts to formulate prescription
(Terry Collins Assoc) In Muslim countries, how is academic freedom understood and applied? How effective are Islamic world universities at science research, education and public outreach and how could those functions be improved? To what extent do international university rankings influence government support policies? Offering insights and recommendations on those questions and others is the mandate of an 11-member international Task Force on Science at Universities in the Muslim World, convened for the first time this week in Malaysia.

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