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'Democratic peace' may not prevent international conflict
(Ohio State University) Using a new technique to analyze 52 years of international conflict, researchers suggest that there may be no such thing as a 'democratic peace.'

Before nature selects, gene networks steer a course for evolution
(Carl R. Woese Institute for Genomic Biology, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Natural selection is a race to reproduce, a competition between individuals with varying traits that helps direct evolution. How do the structures of gene networks determine which individuals appear on the starting line, silently influencing evolution before competition has even begun? University of Illinois researchers Karen Sears and Zoi Rapti, along with collaborators at Illinois and four other institutions, have addressed this question by exploring the gene network that guides limb development in mammals.

IU scientists use Instagram data to forecast top models at New York Fashion Week
(Indiana University) Researchers at Indiana University have predicted the popularity of new faces to the world of fashion modeling with over 80 percent accuracy using advanced computational methods and data from Instagram.

Huddling rats behave as a 'super-organism'
(PLOS) Rodents huddle together when it is cold, they separate when it is warm, and at moderate temperatures they cycle between the warm center and the cold edges of the group.

Making the easiest judgments first
(PLOS) Evidence from a new study published in PLOS Computational Biology by researchers from Brown University and led by Assistant Professor Thomas Serre suggests that when we analyze scenery we simply make the easiest judgments first, rather than following a priority order of categories.

Interdisciplinary research at Louisiana Tech University leading to new UAV technologies
(Louisiana Tech University) Faculty from a number of academic disciplines at Louisiana Tech University are working together to develop new and innovative technologies in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) that could impact industries from public safety to forestry to oil and gas exploration.

New robot has crown-of-thorns starfish in its sights
(Queensland University of Technology) QUT roboticists have developed the world's first robot designed to seek out and control the Great Barrier Reef's crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS), which are responsible for an estimated 40 per cent of the reef's total decline in coral cover.

In analyzing a scene, we make the easiest judgments first
(Brown University) Psychologists have hypothesized that when we try to understand the scenery we see, we begin by assessing some preordained priorities. A new study questions that idea by providing evidence that people simply make the easiest distinctions first.

Predator-prey pattern consistent across diverse ecosystems
(American Association for the Advancement of Science) Ecological communities around the world are richly varied, but a new study finds that many of these diverse communities follow an unexpected, yet consistent pattern: where prey are abundant, there are not proportionally more predators.

How does your microbiome grow?
(Weizmann Institute of Science) The reproduction rates of the bacteria in one's gut may be a good indicator of health or disease.

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