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Latest and Breaking Nanotechnology News

Transparent, electrically conductive network of encapsulated silver nanowires
(Helmholtz-Zentrum Berlin fr Materialien und Energie) A team headed by Professor Silke Christiansen has developed a transparent electrode with high electrical conductivity for solar cells and other optoelectronic components -- that uses minimal amounts of material. It consists of a random network of silver nanowires that is coated with aluminium-doped zinc oxide. The novel electrode requires about 70 times less silver than conventional silver grid electrodes, but possesses comparable electrical conductivity.

Protein machines make fluctuating flows unconsciously
(Hiroshima University) An international research group has demonstrated that protein machines, regardless of their specific functions, can collectively induce fluctuating hydrodynamic flows and substantially enhance the diffusive motions of particles in the cell.

Robotic insect mimics nature's extreme moves
(Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering at Harvard) By analyzing the natural mechanics of the water strider that enable it to launch off water's surface, an international team of Seoul National University and Harvard University researchers have emulated this extreme form of locomotion in novel robotic insects.

Meet the high-performance single-molecule diode
(DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Researchers from Berkeley Lab and Columbia University have created the world's highest-performance single-molecule diode. Development of a functional single-molecule diode is a major pursuit of the electronics industry.

A cost-effective solution to tuned graphene production
(Institute of Physics) Graphene has been called the miracle material but the single-atomic layer material is still seeking its place in the materials world. Now a method to make 'defective' graphene could provide the answer.Today, in the journal Nanotechnology, a team of researchers report that they have developed a simple electrochemical approach which allows defects to intentionally be created in the graphene, altering its electrical and mechanical properties and making the material even more useful.

Springer and Tsinghua University Press present the second Nano Research Award
(Springer) Paul Alivisatos, Director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and the University of California Berkeley's Samsung Distinguished Professor of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, has received the second Tsinghua University Press -- Springer Nano Research Award. The award ceremony took place at the 2015 Sino-US Nano Forum, held from June 25-28 in Wuhan, China.

ASU researchers demonstrate the world's first white lasers
(Arizona State University) Researchers at Arizona State University's Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering have proven that semiconductor lasers are capable of emitting over the full visible color spectrum, which is necessary to produce a white laser.

Controlling phase changes in solids
(ICFO-The Institute of Photonic Sciences) A recent study demonstrates the rapid control of phase-changes in resonantly bonded materials.

Short wavelength plasmons observed in nanotubes
(DOE/Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory) Working at the Advanced Light Source, Berkeley Lab researchers have observed 'Luttinger-liquid' plasmons in metallic single-walled nanotubes. This holds great promise for novel plasmonic and nanophotonic devices over a broad frequency range, including telecom wavelengths.

Patent granted for Oregon-led effort to build fractal-based nerve connections
(University of Oregon) A vision of using artificial fractal-based implants to restore sight to the blind -- part of a far-reaching concept that won an innovation award for University of Oregon physicist Richard Taylor this year from the White House -- is now covered under a broad US patent.

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