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Latest and Breaking Oceanography News

New model predicts fish population response to dams, other ecological factors
(NOAA Northeast Fisheries Science Center) Researchers have developed a model to assess how dams affect the viability of sea-run fish species that need to pass dams as they use both fresh and marine waters during their lifetimes. NOAA's Northeast Fisheries Science Center and Greater Atlantic Regional Fisheries Office have partnered on this project to test how varying passage efficiency at dams related to survival rates for these species, using a model of endangered Atlantic salmon as a case study.

For pollock surveys in Alaska, things are looking up
(NOAA National Marine Fisheries Service) Scientists from NOAA's Alaska Fisheries Science Center have turned their view of the nation's largest fishery upside down with upward-facing sonar systems that are mounted to the seafloor and monitor the passage of fish above. They just completed their first experimental deployment of the new system, and the data, though upside down, looked great. In the future, these systems might augment traditional, ship-based acoustic surveys.

CloudSat analyzed the eye of Typhoon Dolphin
(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) When Dolphin was a typhoon on May 16, NASA's CloudSat satellite completed a stunning eye overpass of Typhoon Dolphin in the West Pacific at 0412 UTC (12:12 a.m. EDT). By May 22, Dolphin's remnants were moving through the Northern Pacific.

Planktonic world: The new frontier
(European Molecular Biology Laboratory) On May 22, in a special issue of Science, an international, team of scientists maps the biodiversity of a wide range of planktonic organisms, exploring their interactions - mainly parasitic, and how they impact and are affected by their environment, primarily the temperature. Based on a portion of the 35000 samples collected from all the world's oceans during the 2009-2013 expedition on board the schooner TARA, this data provides the scientific community with unprecedented resources.

New insights into global ocean microbe-virus interactions, drivers of Earth's ecosystems
(University of Arizona) Ocean microbes are vital to the Earth's ecosystems, and their interactions with ocean viruses can have dramatic effects on processes ranging from oxygen production to food supply. A UA-led international team has uncovered new information about the way marine viruses and microbes interact on a global scale, which may allow researchers to predictively model their complex interactions. The study is featured in a special issue of Science covering work from the Tara Oceans Expeditions.

Sudden onset of ice loss in Antarctica detected
(University of Bristol) A group of scientists, led by a team from the University of Bristol, UK has observed a sudden increase of ice loss in a previously stable region of Antarctica. The research is published today in Science.

NASA sees Extra-Tropical Storm Dolphin moving toward Sea of Okhotsk
(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) Tropical Storm Dolphin transitioned into an extra-tropical storm and NASA's Aqua satellite captured an image of the storm on its way toward the Sea of Okhotsk.

NASA analyzed the winds of Tropical Storm Ana
(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) In mid-May 2015, Ana became the first named tropical storm of the North Atlantic hurricane season. May is early to see large storms in the Atlantic; the season begins in earnest on June 1.

Surviving harsh environments becomes a death-trap for specialist corals
(University of Southampton) The success of corals that adapt to survive in the world's hottest sea could contribute to their demise through global warming, according to new research.

NASA's triple examination of Typhoon Dolphin
(NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center) Three different platforms have been examining Typhoon Dolphin as it moves through the Northwestern Pacific Ocean.

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