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Inaugural Dean's Award for Emerging Leaders Awarded at Rotman School of Management
(University of Toronto, Rotman School of Management) A psychologist and professor from Columbia Business School is the first recipient of the Dean's Award for Emerging Leaders from the University of Toronto's Rotman School of Management. Malia Mason, the Gantcher Associate Professor of Business, will be a Visiting Professor at the Rotman School, for this academic year. The Dean's Award has been created and funded to honor Prof. Roger Martin's transformative leadership as Dean of the Rotman School from 1998 to 2013.

What can 14th century Venice teach us about Ebola and other emerging threats?
(Springer Science+Business Media ) The way in which the Italian city of Venice dealt with the outbreak of the plague in the 14th century holds lessons on how to even mitigate the consequences of today's emerging threats, like climate change, terrorism, and highly infectious or drug-resistant diseases. So says Dr. Igor Linkov of the US Army Engineer Research and Development Center, and a visiting professor of the Ca Foscari University in Italy.

Yale journal explores advances in sustainable manufacturing
(Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies ) A new special issue of the Yale-based Journal of Industrial Ecology explores the latest research in sustainable manufacturing and how life cycle engineering is being used to reduce environmental impact.

Why pilgrims flock to the Holy Land
(Concordia University) 'Walking Where Jesus Walked: American Christians and Holy Land Pilgrimage' (NYU Press, 2014) is the first in-depth study of the cultural and religious significance of American Holy Land pilgrimage after 1948, and the book sheds new light on a multi-billion-dollar industry that shapes how many American Christians practice their faith.

Study finds less domestic violence among married couples who smoke pot
(University at Buffalo) New research findings from a study of 634 couples found that the more often they smoked marijuana, the less likely they were to engage in domestic violence.

How do former churchgoers build a new moral identity?
(University of Chicago Press Journals) As their moral perspectives change, disillusioned churchgoers find it increasingly difficult to remain associated with their church, yet many also find it difficult to leave. According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, former churchgoers experience deep identity crises as their most important relationships and beliefs are put at risk.

Are consumers more likely to purchase unintentionally green products?
(University of Chicago Press Journals) A Fortune 500 company is redesigning a popular product using materials that are friendlier to the environment. How will consumers respond to the newly redesigned, 'greener' product? According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, consumers are more likely to purchase a product if they think helping the environment is not the intended purpose of a product improvement.

No purchase required to win? Devoted customers not so sure
(Ohio State University) Loyal customers of a company feel that they are more likely and more deserving than others to win perks from the business -- even those that are randomly given out.

Hebew SeniorLife researcher receives $4.5 million grant to test videos for advance directives
(Hebrew SeniorLife Institute for Aging Research) A new NIH-funded project will assess whether videos can help nursing home residents, family members and staff have the difficult but important conversations about advanced directives for care.

Fact or fiction: Which do moviegoers prefer?
(University of Chicago Press Journals) Do you feel sadder watching a documentary about war or a drama about a young person dying of cancer? According to a new study in the Journal of Consumer Research, consumers mistakenly believe they will have stronger emotional reactions when stories are based on true events rather than fiction.

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